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Cool Re: ML 502 Media Console

I have seen and "played with" both the ML 502 and the Krell 707. I have bought the 502 and I hope to have it next week. I will be trading in my ML 40....that's a long story, but the 40 gave me some trouble and Harman Kardon made me "a offer I could not refuse" for trading it in.

The dealer told me that the Krell unit was going to have a HD sound board put in soon. On this site, and in my home, the sound is most important, I know. But the Krell units continue to use the smallest buttons in the world and DO NOT have a preview screen (like the Levinson). Especially in the dark this makes it so difficult to use (I had the Krell DVD Standard). There is a screen, I would say three inches by four, on the Krell that shows information.

The Levinson had a big HD screen on the unit itself that showed the video as well as information. It aslo had a AES balanced digital input, the Krell does not.

I am not at all as technical as many of you, however I do know and listen for good sound. IS there anything you'd like to to check out?

A final note: The lack of 1.3 HDMI concerns me also. However the Krell was lacking a HD sound Board. My point is (and I could be dead wrong) all these units will have to updated in a year or two, with no exception. Right now the 1.3 is not essential, it may be one day, and they will have some sort of update, these things are very modular. But the Krell will have an update, the Classes etc.

The No. 40 had several, first a lot of software updates,(especially the first year) then a SACD input card and then an HDMI card. While I prefer the old days when a unit could last a decade, I guess it is a good thing that we can get updates and do not have to buy new units.
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