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Default Re: Not sure what to buy (Levinson 502, Meridian G Series other)

I emailed the dealer, a famous New York one, that I was interested in Blu Ray processing in the processor, something the Krell 707 does not fully have yet. Here is his email to me, received this morning. I am not correcting the spelling and grammar. (Note: He said to me that Blu Ray is dead, it has gone the way of beta. Downloads are the wave of the future. Frankly, as you said, he is trying to sell regular DVD technology)

I think you have linked togeather alot of half facts and managed to talk yourself out of making a rational upgrade.First,whether you use blue ray or downloads any future visual format will have both HD Dolby /dts as well as conventional dolby..Second,There are 90,000.00 dvd titles out there which you are not seeing or hearing the way you should
on your current processor and dvd player.Third,when I said the hd audio processing upgrade for thye krell was around the corner i may have neglected to tell you that we would either do it in your home your lend you a different surround sound player while the upgrade is being done..Finally,I never said you should not use a blue ray player.what i said was first,you should get the esoteric so you could see/hear dvds as well as you saw/heard them in my store.
So,which Esoteric would you like to buy?My guess is the UX-1 PI at $16,000.00.,wouldn't you agree?
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