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Originally Posted by Lefisc View Post
I am new here and I thought I'd share this experience: Unless I just got a bad player, the Denon #3800 blu ray is not at all a player I would recommend. I have a Sony BDP S-500, which I was placing in another room and bought the Denon to replace it in our main room. The initial picture from Denon was not nearly as sharp the details seemed to have faded away. The colors were muted, never vivid. I went through the setup menu and then "a-b" the two players, something I was not expecting to do. The difference was overwhelming. The Sony was almost three dimensional, the Denon looked like an average, non blu-ray player. I used the blu-ray discs from Blade Runner, The Final Cut, Planet Earth, The New Frontier and Spider-Man. My TV did say it was getting a 1080p picture from the Denon. I did send it back the very first day, the picture would have been decent for a regular DVD not for a top of the line blu-ray.

I should mention that the sound from the Denon appeared to be better than the Sony. The Sony can sometimes be a bit shrill, but I did not discover that with the Denon.

By the way, the dealer told me that the Marentz, at the same price is basically the same player made from the chassis,
Good to know I am waiting for the Sony BDP S550
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