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Originally Posted by wes View Post
A number of Audiophile believe that Automatic EQ alters the sound and therefore should be avoided at all cost. Tell me since you listen to a lot of classical music and so do I what do you find are the benefits of the Audyssey Pro!

Also what king of speakers and amplifier do you use?

Also how do you upgrade to the Audyssey Pro?
Wes, I think I have already answered most of your questions elsewhere in this forum via direct responses to you. Most of the facts of my system were not in a response to you, but they are at:

Audiophiles are entitled to believe whatever they want. But, have these people actually listened to it properly calibrated? The fact is that Audyssey EQ does alter the sound. That's what it's supposed to do. But it has little else in common with old style EQ, that traded frequency equalization for unwanted side efects. I think they think that Audyssey is just another EQ like they used to be. As I have tried to explain elsewhere, it is totally different. I do not hear any negative side effects from Audyssey EQ. All I hear is improvement - a lot of it. Anybody who listens to a properly calibrated Audyssey EQ'ed system can turn if off, turn it on and decide which sounds better. If they decide it sounds better without the EQ, it is their loss, in my opinion. But, that's their right. Offhand, I do not know of anyone who has not preferred Audyssey after actually listening. If they do not prefer it, they must prefer peakier frequency response and more uneven time-domain response. The AVS Official Audyssey Forum provides a lot of case studies in converting adamant complainers and non-believers to fans like me. Spend some time looking through the threads yourself.
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