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Cool Re: New Chip promises smaller, faster, cheaper BD players

Originally Posted by rex View Post
NEC has announced that it has successfully fitted "analog-to-digital conversion, HDMI output, and sound encoding/decoding", all the major functions of Blu-ray, onto a new single chip dubbed the EMMA 3PF. The chip should being shipping in September and will help to reduce production costs of Blu-ray players and drives. NEC says the chip will "significantly" reduce the amount of physical space required for players so consumers hopefully will soon enjoy thinner, cheaper players. Notably, the new chip will also include a multicore CPU that should greatly improve start up time for Blu-ray players, an issue that has bugged many buyers since Blu-ray players began hitting the market. The new chip supports Profile 2.0 and NEC says "monthly production is expected to be 1,000,000 units from the fourth quarter of 2008."

That is what Oppo has been waiting for, so we might see players with this in 2009!!
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