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Default Re: Blu-ray has outpaced DVD adoption

Originally Posted by deacongreg View Post
I`m sure the prices will go down. The question is, when.
When is a good question! Best Buy and Circuit City are askin' $24-32$ for some titles!!! Are they nuts??? Got the same titles (new and/or used) on Amazon for $9-12$! If they want to sell more players they've _got_ to get some of these retailers to help by dropping prices! Also..anyone know what happened to all the HD DVD movies? Some stores around here (Austin) believe it or not are asking 15-20$! Haven't they heard? The war's over! Although Circuit City recently dumped some of thier inventory by the $9.99...all gone in less than 3 hours!<G> There are some good deals vis-a-vis HD DVD players on E-Bay though..some with as many as 20 HD DVD movies included! Not a bad deal if you get one of the high end HD DVD players with the high end upconverters!
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