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Cool Re: High end pre/pro's. Are they worth it???

Originally Posted by fitzcaraldo215 View Post
Wes, I understand your caution, but I just do not understand your fixation on the Classe SSP-800. Classe makes great analog input/output stages. I am sure it is going to sound better with analog sources than the Integra, or the Denon, for that matter. But, do you actually listen to vinyl? I hardly do any more, though my record collection is huge and my phono gear pretty darn good. Why? Hi-rez multichannel - currently SACD's - simply blows analog away. And, you know my source is only a $169 Oppo and the rest of my system quite revealing.

Even so, if it's a problem, you could always get a nice 2-channel preamp with home theater pass through, and run your analog straight into that. That's assuming you do not already have one. That would probably sound at least as good if not better than the Classe in analog. There is no DSP running inside the chassis to interfere with the analog in a stand alone preamp.

What the Classe conspicuously lacks is video processing. It switches, but it does not process the video. It just passes it through. That's pretty ridiculous given the price.

I know you hate Audyssey, but the fact is Classe is so far behind Audyssey on the room eq learning curve, it's not even funny. And, you have to get an installer to do the eq for you on the Classe, whenever that eq capability actually becomes available - maybe next year? The free Audyssey you get with the Integra is fabulous, but Audyssey will now sell you Audyssy Pro and let you do it yourself. And, it's even better than plain MultEQ XT.

Is the Classe going to sound significantly better on digital sources, particularly 7.1 lossless? I doubt it. Who knows, they might even use the same chipsets as Integra for this. The Classe looks sexy, but I am highly skeptical that it will sound significantly better where it matters. Then, there is the price difference of what, over 6 grand? Only you can decide if it is worth that.
Well thank you I don't hate Audyssey I just have heard that it still is not that great I have not experienced myself and should definitively do that. I just believe that one should use minimum equalization to get the sound that is recorded on SACD. I am a big fan of SACD and don't have any more Vinyl!! Is there a big difference between Audyssey MultEQ XT and Pro?

I don't need video processing, I watch primarily Blu Ray and my Oppo player does a great job at upscaling older DVDs which I avoid like the plague as they look grainy on a 10 feet wide 2:35 screen

Yes I love the look of the Classé but I am not sure that it is worth $5500 more!!!
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