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Default Re: Netflix to Increase Cost of Blu-ray Rentals

Originally Posted by Orlando View Post
Again in principal I agree. But I'm also sure that when gas started going up it was only 10 cents at first and somewhere there was somebody saying that it is only a dime what is the big deal? Now look at how much more we pay.

And only a dollar more is speculation cause based on this article it could be more.

But my point is how many times as a consumer do we just sit and take it? If there was some value added by them maybe some justification. But it is the same. They buy the discs in bulk in what I expect to be a pretty good discount. Send it in the same envelope, by the same people in the same way. Rent it a bunch of times and do nothing to justify it. Like you said it is only a dollar or maybe more. But in how many places has just a dollar or two more cut into some of the things that you can no longer do. I like many people in this country will not be able to take vacation this summer, because of the dollar more I am paying in gas, electric, milk and so on and so on.

Of course we don't have to rent movies at all, before that come up. And like you say for the most part it really is a good value for a good service. I have no complaints other then the long waits on Blu titles. And I like most will probably just keep renting and pay the extra fee. Ironically enough as we don't have the extra funds we used to. We are staying home alot more often and renting alot more movies.

Again I'm not really disagreeing with you. I'm just playing Devils Advocate. And asking what value are they adding to justify a cost premium? Cause the cost of the disc itself is minimal. And when prices come down to DVD levels will they stop charging that premium? I would have to bet not.
I understand what you are saying here. I don't feel like we are getting anything extra for the $1 more either. If anything, we are getting less. What happened to all the HD DVDs they were renting? Just because toshiba stopped "supporting" the format does not mean that suddenly all our players don't work anymore, and HD DVD is now even worse to watch than standard DVD. I don't watch standard DVDs if I don't have to. I don't buy them, and I really don't want to rent them.

I don't mind paying more to get more, but it's always upsetting to pay more to get less - especially when we know a company's cost is going down. As pointed out on many websites by TheMoose, the cost of blu-ray movies are going down, not up, yet we are getting charged more. When I see things like this happen, it's hard not to believe that pure greed is the only motivation, along with minimal competition.
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