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You can plough through the last few pages of Sound & Vision's forum, The "Official DTC 9.8 Forum" for scanty info. As I recall, it's not a major redesign. It's a 9.8 with just a few added features. Upgraded THX, etc. But, no external hardware changes, like HDMI ins or outs. Still 4 and 2, respectively. When due? Who knows. Later this year, possibly. Also google Integra DTC 9.9. There is an English-language Japanese market press release.

BTW, I upgraded to Audyssey Pro inside the 9.8 from standard MultEQ XT. WOW!!! Now, that's an upgrade, but in terms of delicacy, realism and a greater see-through quality. Remember, I am primarily a classical music listener, so this is important.

The 9.9 might have Audyssey Dynamic Volume, which the 9.8 lacks. That might be a good feature to have.
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