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Angry Re: DirecTV to have 130 HD channels, 1080p movies Later this year

I have been on DirecTV HD since around 2004 (I can't remember exactly, but there were only about 6 or 7 HD channels at that time and I had an early Sampo 34" direct view 720p set then). I have continually paid the extra fee since that time with the promise of many more channels always just around the corner. About a year and a half ago when they finally got around to seriously adding channels my second generation receiver from Zenith could'nt get any of those since they were in mpeg4. I had to pay to get an upgrade which hit me quite sour since I paid over $700 for the Zenith. Prior to that they did add just a few channels and the best of that was the East/West cost networks in HD. That lasted less than a year as one day I turned on the set and the CBS one was gone followed by the rest of them in about 3 or so months. DirecTV was clueless apparently why this was when the CBS one dropped off and sent a technician out who pronounced my setup fine...But, he said the likely reason why I was no longer getting CBS was that the letter from the affliliate "local" (I live over an hour away from Birmingham, AL whose stations claimed me in their area) was only good for standard definition and not HD. Guess what? He turned out to be right when DirecTV's own telerepresentative did not even realize that.

I had letters of release from all the local afiliates, yet I ended up losing all of my HD networks due to what was apparently the passing in Washington of some bill protecting me from my own evil self. Thanks Washington, I can add this to the fact I have to flush my toilet three times due to your same inane rules and regulations.

Anyway, I continued to pay the HD tier and finally at the beginning of last fall I felt it was finally worth it as they added quite a few new HD offerings at once. Then what did they do? They took away at least a dozen of them and put those on another tier where I would have to pay yet another extra charge. DirecTV is the devil as far as I am concerned. They really do not offer any kind of decent value to the customer, always figuring out ways to gouge your pocketbook. Well, they still have me...So, I guess they're laughing all the way to the bank. Oh, how I wish they had enough competition to pressure them into offering the customer genuine quality and value. I cannot see that happening in my market anytime soon. I'll bet I'm in good company...Surely, many others have experienced similar experiences???
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