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Default Re: High end pre/pro's. Are they worth it???

When you have good/great speakers, you definitely want a great source to feed them, but at some point it really does make you aware of how much amplifcation and the preamp part of your system costs and also the amount of power used on them.

I recently purchased the Paradigm Signature S8's (after several months of deliberation) but they have not yet arrived and now I'm focusing on the best front end possible for the Paradigms, but I don't want to spend a fortune.

My use is primarily home theater, but I still feel that the S8's and C5 are worthy in that category, especially the C5 center which I feel is probably the best center speaker I've heard (with the possible exception of the Aerial CC5 I owned once).

I want to get great sounding power, primarily for those 3 speakers. I held onto my Paradigm ADP590's for now because it does it's job quite nicely and I simply could not justify spending $3000 for the Signature version of that or, using 200 watts to power one of these (such as in the 200 x 5 watt amps I see quite frequently).

So actuallly that is my primary preoccupation at this point. Getting great sounding power for those 3 speakers and then figuring out about the side surrounds.

I used a decent receiver to power the Paradigm Studio speaker system I had, but I knew this would be a temporary setup since I knew at some point it was my destiny to possess those Signatures. At this point, I'm looking at the preamp/processor and separate amp combination. So that puts this part of my system in a totally different price category and I'm hoping that I can make wise and hopefully cost-effective decisions on those two items.

The preamp/processors I've looked at so far have been the Anthem D2 and the Integra DTC 9.8. I've read many positive reviews on the Integra 9.8; some comparing it favorably with the Anthem D2. As far as amplifiers, I've been more drawn to the Bel Canto line of amps. Of course, Anthem amps are there as well, but part of me wants to explore these Class D amps that run cool and don't consume so much power.

I just wonder if there are other Class D amps out there that compare favorably with Bel Canto, but at a lesser price. The Integra 9.8 sounds like a great product for me due to my primarily home theater use. So, how about the Integra 9.8 (9.9) and the Bel Canto amps, possibly the M1000 or M300?

I know that AVRev has reviewed both Bel Canto and Paradigm Signatures so I'd love to hear your thoughts, advice, suggestions as well as my fellow AVrev readers about my current idea of a front end. Thanks!

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