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Default Re: DirecTV to have 130 HD channels, 1080p movies Later this year

The only problems I've had with DirecTV has been with their installers. They did not secure the dish and it was blown off course causing me to lose the signal and they stapled the coax to the ceiling from one end of my garage to the other. I had to call them and get them to install wall plates. They simply drilled holes through my walls (3 rooms) and fed the cable through the ragged holes.

The main problem I have with them, and every other pay service is the DVR thing. They all want to charge me a monthly fee for the privilege of recording a program. I don't understand that at all! For years I've been able to program my VCR to record. Now I have to pay for the same functionality? They say that its the TiVo service that I'm paying for. To which I reply, "What service? Are they going to send someone out here to press the record button for me?" I really am tired of being nickeled and dimed to death by these providers. By the time you get all the HD channels and DVR you're into them for well over a hundred bucks a month! FOR TV! God help you if want the same in more than 1 room because that costs you an extra fee for each additional receiver.

I really get ticked by the fact that in order to get the channels you really want, you have to subscribe to packages that include a bunch of useless crap that no one is going to watch.

I never watch SD so why should I have to pay for 400 SD channels? When I told them that I did not want any SD channels and that I only wanted the HD channels they acted like I was some kind of nut. I wish that everyone considering any form of pay television would demand Ale Cart programming. Maybe, if enough people expressed that sentiment we would finally get rid of the necessity of having to filter out the hundreds of Spanish, shopping, soap, and other useless channels to get to the 20 or so ones that we actually watch.

Whoops! Sorry, I didn't mean to spend so much time on my soap box.
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