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Default Re: Scalers for 4k projectors

Originally Posted by rex View Post
Jeremy, is it really true that you play PC games on your 18' 4K screen? Which one is the funnest to play at that size?
I have found that brighter levels of light (> 40 foot-Lamberts) viewed in a controlled environment produce an experience verging on and feeling very much like reality, given enough resolution.

I do play PC, PS3, Wii & Game Cube, and XBOX 360 games on my 18' screen at about 52 foot-Lamberts. It is stunning, and I really enjoy both first person shooters like "Call of Duty" and drivers like "Burnout" and "Grand Tourismo". I also have a friend who comes over and plays "Everquest 2" for entire evenings and mornings!

I believe, having searched long and hard throughout the world, that this may be the brightest, sharpest, most immersive gaming system on the planet. Interestingly, we have been designated as the most expensive gaming system in the world for the upcoming 2009 edition of the Guinness Book of World Records.

But really, you must just come here and bring your favorite games for a complete, hand tailored-demonstration!
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