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Default Re: Scalers for 4k projectors

Originally Posted by The Kipnis Studios View Post
My biggest problem is that 4,000 ANSI Lumens is perfectly good up to 10 feet wide at 24.5 foot-Lamberts, but for anything larger, it might look a bit dull - given the price of $185k, i would like the option of a brighter engine for more money. Why? Because we do not live in the '50's when you could be lucky to see 16.5 foot-Lamberts on the very best screens. Now, it is clear from comparisons with reality that even my 50+ foot-Lambert recommendation is highly subjective based on ambient lighting conditions!!!!
Still, of the reports I have read from those who witnessed the NY demonstration, none have complained about the brightness of the 25' screen. [Correction: My bad, the screen was only 14', though presumably they will have a 25' screen at Cedia.] I think the SMPTE standard is 16 fL. Chris did mention that the screen was poor quality with many visible defects. Those who attend the Cedia expo in September should have a chance to see a demonstration under more ideal conditions. LCOS does not produce sharp individual pixels, they tend to run together which explains, at least in part why individual pixels were not visible even at that size.

This should make a very nice theater system for the well-to-do. Unfortunately, I am not one of them; but I can still drool. But who knows? The way price and quality of technology progress, this level of performance may become affordable, and even commonplace some day in the future.

Jeremy, is it really true that you play PC games on your 18' 4K screen? Which one is the funnest to play at that size?

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