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Exclamation Re: Scalers for 4k projectors

Originally Posted by rex View Post
Chris Boylan has a very interesting review of the Meridian 810 Reference Video System:
My biggest problem is that 4,000 ANSI Lumens is perfectly good up to 10 feet wide at 24.5 foot-Lamberts, but for anything larger, it might look a bit dull - given the price of $185k, i would like the option of a brighter engine for more money. Why? Because we do not live in the '50's when you could be lucky to see 16.5 foot-Lamberts on the very best screens. Now, it is clear from comparisons with reality that even my 50+ foot-Lambert recommendation is highly subjective based on ambient lighting conditions!!!

In the end, I'm not at all certain that Merdian hasn't just made a consumer SRX-R projector (from JVC and using JVC technology) with better contrast ratio.

Everyone's thoughts, please? Perhaps Bob Stuart will join us for a commentary on design requirements in the 21st century!
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