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Exclamation Qualia 006 Rear Projector - Is it really the best?

I've owned my Sony 70" (hand-built in Japan) Qualia 006 rear projector for three years, and you know, it holds up pretty well for all the changes technology has brought to us in Home Theater.

Color fidelity is outstanding, as is detail, and control over pervasive noise that frequently afflicts SD cable, satellite, and broadcast TV. This produces both an exceptionally smooth but also defined picture with tons of detail.

And with HD-DVD, Blu-Ray, or your computer hooked up . . . well, WOW!

Here is my review from three years ago for

Other than a 10 bit black level processor, it is a magnificent TV which used to cost $13,500 (plus $1,500 dedicated stand), but now can be purchased (still new) for $7,000.

If you haven't seen one, you own it to yourself. I can't believe there hasn't ever been a thread here about this amazing imaging engine!
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