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Default The Nightmare continues

Originally Posted by deacongreg View Post
Sorry to hear about your frustration. Maybe, the thing to do is, ask Kevin Miller for a recommendation. He might know a ISF calibrator in your area, or be able to find out who does your area. This way you would have a better qualified person.
I guess its just food for thought now.
That would be great if Kevin knew someone. But I live in the middle of the boondocks, so my options are limited. There were two ISF calibrators in this area listed on the ISF website. So next, I called the second one. He comes over and starts hooking up his equipment to the component inputs. I tell him that I don't use component, just HDMI, (one for BD and one for Dish). He says that if he does the calibration using components, the TV will be calibrated on all inputs; but I don't believe him. So, he calls the same trainer, Jamie, at Sencore who confirms that all he has to do is calibrate on component and all other inputs will be calibrated. I don't believe this, so I decide to pass. Now I am down to my last resort: the dreaded Geek Squad. Stay tuned for further details of the ongoing drama!

(If I am wrong about the inputs, will someone more knowledgeable, like Kevin or Kal, please chime in. My understanding is that each input has to be calibrated separately. Thanks.)
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