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Default Copy CD's to CD-R

I was reading a review of something (don't remember what) in Absolute Sound and Robert Hartey stated that copying CD's to CD-R's improved the sound quality and that this was indisputable. Has anyone tried this? And from a technical standpoint what would cause this? It seems to me a 1 is a 1 and a 0 is a 0 and that any differences would come from the conversion of these 1's and 0's to analog and the analog output. Is the new disc fundamentally different or is it a bit-perfect copy? If a bit-perfect copy how does the sound change?

As a side, has anyone noticed how there seems to be a lot of reviewers with huge egos in the print media (ok maybe not all print media - really just Stereophile and The Absolute Sound)? Don't really get where it comes from and honestly don't know why I continue to subscribe to these magazines given they review very little I can afford and how they review (the music they use) isn't in line with my own taste.
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