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Default Cable between TV and Receiver (when using multiple sources)?

My trusted old receiver (Yamaha RXV1) just died, and the rear projection (Pioneer Elite in a bulky box) TV that I've had for 13 years too.

I am in the process of building a dedicated HT room from the ground up. When it's completed, I've got the approval from my "CFO" to purchase some new toys. At the moment, I've got my eyes set on the Integra DTR-8.8 (AV receiver), a 60-in Pioneer Elite Kuro TV, plus a projector for movies.

I am still planning on keeping my existing sources - a VCR, and a LD (laser disc) player, but will upgrade my DVD player to a Blue Ray. My question is regarding the video cables I will need to connect between the Integra and the TV and the Projector.

The VCR and the LD player will be connected to the receiver via S-Video cables. The new DVD player will be connected via a HDMI cable. Do I also need to connect S-Video cables from the receiver to the TV and Projector in order to view videos from these two sources? Or is there some type of signal converter built into these new receivers that the HDMI cable will be OK? Or maybe there's some type of signal converter box I can add to the chain that converts the S-Video signals to HDMI?

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