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Default Re: DirecTV to have 130 HD channels, 1080p movies Later this year

Originally Posted by rlpiii View Post
It does not matter how many HD channels and 1080p movies DirecTV has if their service, equipment, and pricing still sucks.
I don't have any problems with their service, the only dropouts I have is during thunderstorms & I have less downtime than people with Cox cable, as for price well it's about the same as Cox but I have a lot more HD, as for the equipment I have a very early HR20, a HR21 & an AM21, I've returned 1 HR20 that was a release model when the HDMI output quit working & the record series works all the time & I have remote record which I can use to set up recordings over the internet when I forget to set it for something.

That's not a bad track record as far as my experience goes.
Until we get FIOS out here (won't be anytime soon! ) DirecTV is my best option, especially when it comes to HD programing.

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