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Lightbulb DirecTV to have 130 HD channels, 1080p movies Later this year

DirecTV to have 130 HD channels on 8/14/2008, 1080p movies later this year

From Engadget,

Now this is what we're talking about! On the very same morning that Verizon trumpets its achievement of hitting 100 high-def channels in New York, along comes DirecTV to make that figure look second-rate. The satcaster has just announced that it will be hosting upwards of 130 high-definition channels on August 14th, which means that 30 or so newcomers are just weeks away from going live. All of the channels will be transmitted in the MPEG-4 AVC standard, and if you're curious, it also plans to provide "movies in 1080p" later this year. Included in the new stations will be Showtime Extreme HD, Showtime Showcase HD, Planet Green HD, ABC Family HD, additional DirecTV HD pay-per-view channels and 23 more regional sports networks in high-def 24 hours a day.

I'm anxious to see the full list, I don't have Showtime & I already have my regional sports in HD & I don't watch planet green or ABC Family.
I'm hoping at least for History International, NASA, comedy central & The Military Channel, I'd love to be able to see Top Gear on BBCAmerica in HD but I'm not sure how Europe's HD works.
I'm guessing the 1080p movies will be download, if they don't look & sound as good as my Blu-Ray movies I'll be passing on them.
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