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Angry Re: DirecTV fails with customer service THEN their equipment

Hello all. I just found this place. I have had directv for 5 months now. They can not fix my problem with my HD. Three receivers, and we went from HDMI cable one to HDMI cable two, then HDMI port 2, and now the blue, green connections. They have been to my house 5-7 times. My case is in the escalation department. Local service just comes out and changes a wire, and then says, well lets see what happens. All while I pay my bill in full each month.

So guess what! I bought the following domain, and I will be posting my story there. I will be telling them, every time some one goggles they will see this site for support. I could not believe this site was available. Think they will get the point? I had dish before, and was happy, but wanted HD, and they did not have my locals in HD, but at least with them I had a consistent picture quality. No dropped signal, not sparkles, no searching for signal. Sure I have searching for signal if it rained really heavy, or snowed really heavy, but besides that, Dish was good! I am just tired of getting dumped on by these TV vendors. I pay my money, and I hold up my end of the contract, why not them?? Check the site in a week, it will be up and the hole story will be there.

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