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Default Best 5.1 music mix ever?

After listening to more than 1000 surround music tracks over the years, the most impressive 5.1 musical experience for me, is still Queen's "The Prophet Song" (from "A Night At the Opera.")

On a high-quality speaker system utilizing 5 full-range loudspeakers, this 5.1 mix can activate the "highest" (pun intended) reaction one get derive WITHOUT any drugs!

Seriously... Elliot Scheiner and Brian May created all kinds of fascinating movements and spatial images during this full-album re-mix... but none any more brilliant than the swirling accapella section, directly following the bridge of this 8:30 min. classic.

Despite what many feel is "too much gimmikry" in 5.1 re-mixes... this track fully demonstrates an absolutely BRILLIANT use of all 5 main speakers, to dramatically enhance the effectiveness of this odd yet inspiring musical "prophecy."

What is the "most impressive" 5.1 music track you have ever experienced?


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