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Default Warner Bros. Announces Blu-ray Plans for The Ultimate Matrix Collection

Warner Bros. finally ends the long awaited announcement for the release of the the Ultimate Matrix Collection on Blu-ray. Although, fans must wait a bit longer for the October 14th release date. Having been one of the largest successes on the HD DVD, the Blu-ray release will surely be a montrous hit.

The Blu-ray release of The Ultimate Matrix Collection will replicate the full seven discs present in the HD DVD release. There has been no announcement on a Blu-ray release of the Complete Matrix Trilogy. The full supplement package of the HD DVD release are expected on the Blu-ray, although no official specifications have been released at this time. Early details report that the Blu-ray collection will have about 35 hours of extras and In-Movie Experience picture-in-picture commentaries for all three films.

Additionally, there has been a confirmed upgrade. The Animatrix will be present on the Blu-ray and upgraded to full 1080p, unlike the HD DVD counterpart. Stay tuned for more details. is offline   Reply With Quote