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Originally Posted by wes View Post
So I still need help identifying a good SACD capable of decoding DSD and be able to connect HDMi 1.3

Also I don't want to spend more than a couple thousand $ so the Esoteric SA-60 at $4600 USD is too rich for my blood.
I think your only current multichannel choices are the Oppo 980(under $200; 7.1 channel) and 981(over $200; 5.1 channel) plus the Pioneer EliteDV-58AV($500; 5.1 channel) for DSD via HDMI. Kal Rubinson has reviewed all 3 in Stereophile, and he says they are all close, with the Pioneer being slightly better. He preferred the sound of the Pioneer in DSD, but he used the Oppo's with the player doing a translation to PCM, which he thought sounded best. I have the Oppo 980, and I am extremely happy with it going into an Integra DTC 9.8. I think I prefer it in DSD format. As you probably know from my previous postings, I have never heard better sound than this anywhere, and I have heard some extremely expensive 2-channel systems. The Oppo + Integra replaced reference grade 2-channel components costing about 8x as much in my > $50K system
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