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Default Re: Lighting Control is a must for every audiophile and theater junkie

I have a 2 zone Lutron Grafik Eye and I can control with my harmony remote. I wished I had bought a 3 or a 4 zone to give more lighting control. I have one zone for the 8 pot lights and the other for the 4 wall sconces. In hind sight splitting the front 2 lights would have added a lot of value. I could have ran the wires for the zones and joined them at the box for the time being until my budget allowed for a 3 or 4 zone controller. A star topology would have been best. Hind sight is 20/20 though right.

Since I have 12 lights powers by the dimmer they are on one dedicated circuit. This would reduce the possible feedback. It's not a good idea to have the lighting on the same circuit as your gear anyway. One thing I found out the hard way was that the BR bulbs tend to hum when dimmed. Replacing them with PAR halogen bulbs stopped that.

I would definitely recommend a Lutron Grafik Eye or similar to anyone constructing a home theater. It adds an extra wow feature when you can gradually dim the lights down to a set level remotely when your movie starts. Good planning is vital though to set up zones.

Many electricians aren't that savvy when it comes to lighting layout. A lot of the time they just do the basics and/or wire things to a schematic that's already been laid out for them. A skilled interior decorator or lighting consultant is a better bet. They can recommend the number and type of lights needed and zones to use.
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