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Default Making the switch: CD to vinyl

Ok, so upon discovering the horrifying loudness war about a week ago, I got really depressed about the quality of my CD's.

I had just recently boycotted mp3 and other formats besides .wav based on pure principle. I am still kicking myself for buying digital albums online. After finally deciding to go strictly CD, I now discover this garbage the industry is putting out after listening to my recently purchased Muse CD's. All of which have almost zero dynamic range.

Now, here's my dilemma. I was about to purchase a mini hi-fi system for my room, because I don't have a lot of money or space, but decided against it based on a feeling in my gut. That feeling must have been my soul telling me to go the vinyl route instead. I feel like it's my only option.

Regardless of how you feel about the analog vs. digital, give me some options here. I'd rather just have one form of media for my music. I refuse to use mp3 players now, even if just in my car. Because once that happens, you learn to accept crap sound outside of the car.

I am thinking about selling all my CD's (about 100), buying a decent turntable and speaker setup, and replacing all those CD's with vinyl. I would get one of those things to transfer those records I wanted to digital for portable cd player use. Do most vinyl setups have a headphone jack?

Does this sound like a stupid idea? I'd rather just own all my collection in one format. I have a slightly obsessive personality. I think I'm someone who'd appreciate vinyl.

Thanks for any advice,
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