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Default - Customer Service Blog

Hey guys,

I started a blog about customer service because I simply can not stand it anymore. I believe that the epidemic of bad service is one of the main factors crippling the American economy (after the weak dollar and the price/de of oil) as well as ****ing us all of with insulting behavior.

The blog tells stories (both good and bad) about how customer service should be.

Note: NOBODY is safe. Not airlines. Hotels or even home theater installers. Nobody. We also have stories of companies who REALLY know how to do it.

If you want to read this blog or sign up for email notices - check out

Post comments here on what you think and or email me with story ideas from your world. I am working on one now about the WORLD'S worst AV installer (he's based in Paradise Valley, Arizona) and you won't believe his tactics. He went so far as to insult me, my father, and the installers in LA while asking for an 85% down payment and $1000 for future service because he doesn't warrnaty his own work. Note - this guy is a trunk slammer with two trucks and no showroom.

Jerry Del Colliano
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