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Originally Posted by kennyt View Post
Onkyo make a nice receiver, but for my tase and money, I prefer the Denon's. They have a smoother sound to them. I haven't heard the 4308 yet, but until recently was using the 4306 in my bedroom and loved it. The addition of HDMI 1.3 and the new surround formats should put the 4308 off the charts.

thats interesting because i too have always been told that denon's had a warm sound characteristic. where as the onkyo's have been discribed to me as bright. but the specs on the onkyo 905 look awesome. they have the reon video processing chip, torordial(spelling) transformer, and a newer BB DAC's.
whereas the 4308 has a faroudja video chip, and an older BB DAC.
parts of me really want the onkyo but i dont want to mate a bright AVR with a horn loaded Klipsch speaker. my current denon avr683 though very old does sound pretty good with my klipsch. i have no way to audition the onkyo before purchasing.
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