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Exclamation Re: Warner Bros. new movie policy everything will be released in 4K!

Originally Posted by wes View Post
Will their movies be down converted to 2K !!! So when is 8K available for the common people?
4k sources, like Warner's future films and Andrew Robinson's APRIL SHOWERS, are down-converted to 2k (DLP Cinema) and 1080p (BD & HD-DVD) for distribution in those formats - right now, and for the last 10 or more years!

8k is currently an archiving format for 70mm (65mm Negative) and IMAX movies. I suspect that eventually it will become a viable display technology and be used as the replacement for 4k in both cinemas as well as in medical, military and aerospace industries. It is also likely that this 8k format will offer superior color, depth of field, and resolution than even original 15/70 IMAX films.
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