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Talking Re: Home Theater Manufacturers Tout Upconversion Over Blu-ray

Originally Posted by prerich View Post
What I have a tendency to run into are people who play BD's on sub-standard systems, and brag about BD's Lossless audio capabilities - whereas, lossy on a good system sounds better than lossless on a bad system. (We've discussed this on the BD board extensively and those who've answered agree. I'm not saying that you need a $10k system to enjoy lossless audio, but at the same time lossy will sound better on that system than lossless on a $700.00 Onkyo 606 Polk Rm6750 setup. Lots of factors in sound. All things being equal - lossless does sound better (on decent systems - I can't tell on HTIB type systems).
Agreed and if you have a good system the new audio sings and puts DVD to shame.

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