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Default Re: Should I buy a Samsung HL67A750?

Originally Posted by jlarge11 View Post
I've been looking at the same model but i went in to my local HH Gregg and they had a Mitsu 73733 for $1,500 due to it being a floor model. Now I know that the bulb has been burning for a while but I'm sure I could get that price down even further with that arguement. Also Best Buy has the Mitsu 73833 as an outlet item on its website for $2,400 and that comes with the 120 hz. Just wondering if I would be better going with the Samsung with no bulb or the bigger yet more maintenance Mitsu's? How has the Samsung been working for you rex?
There are pros and cons. If you want 70+" then you will have to get a lamp based set, since 67" is the largest available in LED. If you get a lamp based set, I would recommend one of the new Mitsubishis which use the new darkchip4 for improved black levels. These new models are more expensive (since stores are liquidating stock of the older models you can get a better deal on them). If you can wait a couple more months until LaserVue comes out, I suspect prices will drop further across the board.
Some of the advantages of LED sets are:
The 750 has an LED light source that should last the life of the set. No bulbs to replace. Once properly calibrated no need to recalibrate.
The 750 uses the CinemaPure Color Engine that creates brilliant, realistic images and displays color thatís 40% brighter than traditional HDTVs. (Note that most sources don't take advantage of this extra color space. Some Camcorders do support it.)
Nearly instant startup times, with instant brightness no need for the bulb or ballast to warm up.
No spinning color wheel, so quieter TV (color wheels spin fast and can sometimes have a high pitch whine), and less moving parts.
Much, much less chance of seeing rainbows as the LED's cycle much faster than the color wheel.
"Green" TV. The LED set uses much less power than bulb based sets and has one of the lowest energy consumption of TV's. Note that actual energy usage is less than the max rated watts listed on the TV.
Most owners of the Sammy 750s are very satisfied with them. Some have reported geometry issues which are easily remedied. The vertical optimal viewing angle is a bit more restricted, not much of a problem if you position the set correctly at eye level. The set did not look good in two showrooms where I saw them, due to this. If you are standing up looking down at the TV, it will appear darker, likewise if the TV is located on a very high table or stand and you are seated in a low position. Personally, I think the LED based Sammy 750's are an amazing value for less than $2K. Good luck.
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