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Default Re: Epson Ensemble HD System Now Shipping - Blu-ray Player Absent

Hey everybody, I just wanted to chime in here.

I won the Epson Ensemble HD 1080p system in the giveaway here on AVrev. I just got it set-up the other day and its really a great system. I've got a decent rear projection system with quality speakers, big sub, and a good receiver. I was expecting this Epson Ensemble system just to be a fun toy for the basement for the kids to watch movies on and have parties with.

Flash forward and I'm finding reasons to watch things on the new system. Installation was easy and it really is an idiot-proof set-up. The projector looks great out of the box, but with just a little tweaking I've got it looking absolutely awesome. As good as it is with the built in dvd player, I've already decided to get a blu-ray player to really take advantage of the 100" screen and 1080p projector.

The built in surround sound speakers do a great job and again, make set-up easy. This system is ideal for anyone not wanting to piece together a system and go through the hassle of hooking everything up. All the cables are included and diagrams show exactly how to hook everything up. Included moldings cover all the wires making everything disappear in the room.

$7000 is a real bargain for everything you get. I can see lots of people who want a system, but don't know anything about HT buying into this. Also, for dealers it should sell itself when you get newbies in the store that want a home theater but don't know anything else.

I'll try to post some pics later, but if anybody had any questions, feel free to ask.
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