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Default Online UPS for clean power?

I am wondering if something like this can be used for clean power for an AV system?
For a decently powered system, how much KVA capacity would be needed? Let us say for a 200 wpc audio system.

I am a newbie.
HTIB - Onkyo ST-S3100.
DVD player Philps DVP5986K. Hooked to receiver via coaxial, and to TV via component. It has USB, HDMI and upconversion. USB works great! Replaced my SonyDVP-NS57P
29" LG Flatron CRT.
Current Room - 12' wide, seating at 8' from front wall.
Front wall mounts at 8' apart and 5' high.
Center is in the center 3' high, below the TV, and horizontal.
Surrounds are 12' apart wall mounted, and facing the seating at ear level.
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