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Default Re: Polk RTi A9 vs Klipsch RF82 vs JBL 890

Not able to audition either one of them as yet. Work and wife don't let me go out on audition any more. Had a word with a local dealer here for a demo of Polk RTi A9. He doesn't carry LSi though.
Will update whenever I get a demo.
Good news is that one of the stores close to me is now carrying JBL L Series. I was having a demo on sat evening, but as soon as it started, the power failed. But in the small duration that I had the demo for a couple of minutes, the bass was very punchy. I was feeling the music against my body more than listening to it. Subwoofer used was from E series and not the latest L series. Will try again some time.
That leaves out only the Klipsch reference series out of my reach of demos for now.


Originally Posted by bjbadger View Post
I'm also looking at Polk RTi series (A3 bookshelves though) Seem to get great reviews for HT and music, but I haven't had a chance to listen to them yet. Let us know if you get a chance to compare those 3 you mentioned. Keep in mind that LSis are 4ohm you may need to upgrade amp as well, pretty big price hit since RTis are so well regarded.
I am a newbie.
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