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Default Re: Sony Ships New BDP-S300 Blu-ray Player

When I purchased the $97 HD-DVD player at Wal-Mart I had already months ago returned my Sony Blu-Ray player. At the time, November, no one yet knew that it was eminent Toshiba would pull the plug on HD-DVD. I would not call a very good up-converting DVD player (that just happens to play HD-DVDs) for the sum of $97 wasting money. I wasn't too concerned with the HD-DVD part anyway.

Not long ago I decided to purchase the Samsung BD-P5000 because the price came down to around $530 at which time I felt like jumping back into Blu-Ray again. It really is a decent player, perhaps due to the Silicon Optix REON chip? Anyway it can now pass the HD lossless codecs too with the recent update so it is just icing on the cake that it can play some old HD-DVD's...moot issue or not. As for laser discs I see the humor because I still own a Magnavox top loader...It sits in the closet next to the Sony SL-5200 Betamax, the worlds first consumer video recorder with Hi-Fi (helical scan recorded) sound. I'm ready for 4K so I can closet the Toshiba HD-2A. the Samsung BD-P5000, The JVC Dila projector, and the Samsung 1080P 50" plasma. The Sampo 34" 720P direct view would be in there too, but it wouldn't fit...I had to give it away. Gotta love obsolence!
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