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Default Here's mine

We just move to a new house I had to combine my systems and add a second home theater for upstairs tell me what you think

Equipment List

Vizio P50 50-inch Plasma
Vizio GV42LF 42-inch LCD
Samsung LNS3251DX 32-inch LCD

Definitive Technology UIW-75 in-wall (3)
Definitive Technology UIW-65 in-wall (2)
Definitive Technology UIW-64 in-ceiling (2)
Proficient Audio IW-525 in-wall
Proficient Audio W670 in-wall (2)
Proficient Audio C610 in-ceiling (2)
Definitive Technology Super Cube II
Pinnacle Subsonic
ZVOX 315

Audio/Video Components
Emotiva LPA-1 Multi-channel Amplifier
Emotiva LMC-1 Pre-processor
Odyssey Stereo Stratos Extreme Amplifier
Odyssey Tempest Pre-amplifier
Denon AVR-588 surround sound receiver
Toshiba HD-A2 HD-DVD player
Sony BDP-S300 Blu-ray DVD player
Pioneer DV-626 DVD player
Jolida JD100 CD player (with Sylvania 5751 gold pins)
Slim Devices Squeeze Box SB3 Music Server
DirecTV HD receiver
DirecTV standard receiver (4)
Project Debut II Turntable

Custom Acoustic Panels
Middle Atlantic AX-SXR Rack

Power & Surge Protection
APC 1.5kVA H Type Power Conditioner
Belkin PF30 Silver Series Home Theater Power Console

Control & Lighting
Harmony 890 RF Remote
Harmony 880 IR Remote
Leviton Vizia RF System
Buffalo Electronics IR Repeaters

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