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Default Re: Sony Ships New BDP-S300 Blu-ray Player

I found out later that you had to activate the optical by using the remote and working through a menu to get to it. When I did this it the Toslink worked. I had another problem which apparently Sony designed into the player. It would not recognize any BD-RE discs burned on my Sony Vaio vgn-ar290g laptop. This was the tipping factor. I took the player back to Costco. I eventually got one of the Toshiba hd-2a players from WallyWorld when they had them for $97...This one has really good up-conversion, better even than the Sony. The Tosh is a keeper.

A bit later I also purchased the Samsung dual-player model BD-P5000. It has pretty good up-conversion (though I feel the Toshiba bests it even). I like the BD-P5000 a lot and have found only one kink in the armor. It doesn't like homemade burned DVD+Rs...At least it doesn't like the TDK ones I normally use. It will play over half the disc trouble-free at which time it starts freezing, advancing, freezing, advancing, etc, etc... I then have to take the disc out of the Samsung and put it in the Toshiba which plays it flawlessly. By having to do this so many times I ended up convincing myself that the Toshiba also has the better up-conversion. I wonder if anyone else who may have both thinks this too?
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