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Default Re: Home Theater Manufacturers Tout Upconversion Over Blu-ray


Not only is the picture quality advantage of native HD material superior to upscaled DVD (especially given the low-bit-rate MPEG2 on DVD compared to high-bit-rate advanced video codecs on Blu-ray... which makes a enormous improvment all on its own), but the lossless audio that's basically standard on Blu-ray Releases these days utterly STOMPS the socks off of the lossy DVD audio by comparison.

Not even close. Even if the picture were no different, I'd invest in Blu-ray merely for the lossless sound. It's that good.

If Oppo makes that player a 2.0 unit, I'd be very interested. Otherwise, I'll keep my PS3 for SD DVD playback (great upscaling) and enjoy the new Panny BD50 for BD playback which exceeds the PS3 in both picture and sound quality.
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