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Default Re: Kaleidescape and Toshiba Claim 1080p Upscaling Players Rival Blu-ray

Originally Posted by faberryman View Post
When did Toshiba say it would not be offering a Blu-ray player? I must have missed it.
Toshiba has made it quite clear that they have no plans to offer a Blu-ray player. And I would be surprised if they change there minds any time soon. They seem determined to keep there royalty stream at any cost especially since there HD-DVD platform lost the war.

Originally Posted by tvine2000 View Post
they made that clear at the same time they dumped hd dvd.
i'm sure they have something on the drawing boards to make a blu-ray player,but they said they have no plans to jump in the bd game anytime soon,if ever.
dumb,if you ask me,and they should get rid of any people who was their during the war.
there seems to be some bitterness around blu-ray.if they are bitter,they should direct that bitterness at the studio's,not the this something to do with honer and pride.what ever reason its bad business,maybe some new blood should be running toshbia.

I have to agree Toshiba is bitter and it is so sad that the revenue stream from SD-DVD was not enough. They are still very bitter that HD-DVD failed and now that they can not have revenue from two formats. They are hell bent on hurting Blu-ray if they can. It is one thing to try and save ones honor and I since I am not Japanese I may never fully understand. But how does refusing to build a Blu-ray player help them save face? Toshiba is clearly acting like a spoiled baby that did not get his way and they are having a tantrum and are insistent on running the winner into the ground if they can find a way to make it happen. This is not how you regain your honor or pride, this is how you act when you have no honor!

In the beginning I figured that Toshiba was just smarting because they had so much riding on the success of HD-DVD. And that after a short time to get over there loss they would come around and offer a Blu-ray player and join the other CE companies to help the industry move forward. Instead they might as well be flipping off the other CE companies as they have shown so far that they have no intention of being anything but soar losers! I was still going to consider a Toshiba 1080p display but the question I ask myself now is why would I want one of there displays now? Why would I want to buy any Toshiba product?

Do not get me wrong, Sony has been guilty of pulling some stunts are not innocent. I am very careful of what I buy from Sony and I always will be. For example I have no problem buying a Sony display, dvd player or Blu-ray player but there is no way I want to buy one of there wimpy receivers. But anyway back to the issue with Toshiba, because of there actions and there immaturity I will not buy anymore Toshiba products for the foreseeable future. I was going to upgrade my HD-A1 but now I will just put up with it and enjoy the 67 HD-DVD titles I currently own. I will not sale any of my HD-DVD titles just because Toshiba are acting like spoiled brats. But many of those titles are going to be replace by Blu-ray versions mainly because the Blu-ray version is coming out with a version with a DTS-HD Master Audio or Dolby True HD track. I would rather have a HD version of a film with lossless audio than one with a lossy dolby digital plus track.

So to Toshiba I say, Be careful of continuing your childish behavior as it will only come back to bite you in the ass! This serves no purpose and will only alienate more consumers that will only back away from Toshiba products. Blu-ray won the war and it is time for Toshiba to get over it and accept it!
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