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Cool Re: Home Theater Manufacturers Tout Upconversion Over Blu-ray


Very well put, also Oppo said they are currently working on a Blu Ray universal player, launch date Q109, Oppo will have to be price competitive especially if Sony release the BDP-S550 at $500.

I have very high end DVD player costing thousands of dollars that can up-convert to 1080p and I have a Sony Blu Ray player ($350). I have compared the same movies on DVD and Blu Ray on a 2:35 Stewart Film Screen 10 feet wide using a JVC DLA R2 projector, and I can tell you there is no comparison BLU RAY is in an other league when it comes to picture quality, on top of it the sound on Blu Ry such at DTS HD Master audio runs circle around DVD. So Kaeleidescape, Toshiba and other high end DVD players are supper lame thousands of dollar for old technology!! Any one wants to pay $10,000 for a CRT TV

I am never going back to DVDs especially when you compare the sound and picture superiority. It reminds me of people saying that VHS was so great when using S Video!!!

My 500 DVD collection is now used primarily in the gym when I exercise every day for an hour in the gym on a 50 inch plasma. But if I want the real thing, relax and watch a movie it is called BLU RAY

And I can't wait until 2.0 players are finally here
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