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Default Re: Speaking of speakers, can I have your input?

Originally Posted by Dr. Bernice View Post
know, the speakers will make our break my dreams, but, when I go fantasy shopping and see the 12k/pair guys, I shutter when I think of one of my cats walking by and spraying on something that cost about the same as my last car!
Kristen, I used to worry about that, but now I only worry about what they do to the grill cloth! In fact, I have a bigger problem with my Great Dane possibly knocking over my rears if they aren't floor standers! This is just one (well, actually I always try for two pairs of matched speakers in my 5.1 setup) reason for full sized rears in my home!

Oh, and FWIW the $19K front I am rocking out now, the Escalante Design Fremonts are off the ground, so cats wouldn't get them, now the Danes tail could harm a tweeter though....

Good luck speaker hunting!

I might add that DCM makes a good smooth sounding though less dynamic and with less bass than the Def Techs, but they are super cheap and in my mind one of the best low budget speakers (the 100 model can be had direct from DCm for <$800 a pair, the 200, their TOTL is sub $1K a pair)
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