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Default Re: Purepower keeps getting my recomendation

Do you think they took care of you because it was a review model and they wanted a good write up? More care was shown because the business was new and just starting. Now that they are better established they don't seem to show the same concern. As an experiment: Try to contact them now and say you have a problem with a unit / do not identify yourself as being in any sort of position to write up anything bad / just be an average Joe / see what happens. I would be surprised if they even bothered to respond to you.

I have a list of e-mails saved that were marked in the subject line with a topic so that they would not be deleted as junk. These were all respectfully written with no hint of how I really felt about my dealings with them. Many were unanswered and these were directed toward a particular person who was to deal with the issue.

After many months of this, I finally said in my last e-mail that I could no longer just keep silent but that I would post these issues for all to read. I then gave them months to respond and they did not see a need. If they were to step up right now and resolve my simple issue, I would retract my bad customer service statement and heartily endorse them. But this is not the case and will never will be.

The fact of the matter to me is that the customer service at this moment in the company history is not satisfactory. They need to be more aware of what is going on. As an example, many companies have reps that go on the various forums to maintain good customer relations. I have seen many responses to complaints and recognize many of the reps by name and actually had them answer questions of mine. Why do we not see PurePower here? This site and many forum members are big supporters of them, yet they don't even respond or check to see what people are saying. Truthfully I would sell this beast off and get something else if I could get anything decent for it.

Sorry for the ranting, but I really am just tired of the lack of concern or care from PurePower.
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