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Wink Speaking of speakers, can I have your input?

It's been a long but enlightening journey since I first posted on the Source Component forum, and I still appreciate Kenny and Charley's patience and empathy that I was, (and still am) a newbie.

After close to two months of agonizing over what I really wanted, and weighing my dreams against the realities of current technology, and also my pocketbook, I've finally made some purchases, and also acquired some hand-me-downs to fill in until I decide I need.

I went with the Onkyo TX-SR805 in my great room, and I believe it will be a "sound" decision, but, since I am awaiting a functional replacement unit, I am basing this judgement on the performance of the little sister Onkyo TX-SR304 I purchased for the Master Bedroom. I got the 304 for a steal, and couldn't resist since I knew setting up an additional zone on the 805 for the MBR was going to be a PIA for me in the long run. Unfortunately, the 805 I received is under the impression that it has headphones hooked up when none exist, and Onkyo tech support and I have decided it best to swap it out.

I'm smitten with the little 304 - it sounds great and was easy for me to hookup. I've insulted it with a pair of archaic Pioneers, which I'm certain remember the likes of "Detroit Rock City" and "More Than a Feeling." Since the 304 was a "bonus", it will have to tolerate the Pioneers for awhile - at least until the Great Room is kickin'.

So, there's my update, and, BTW, Kenny, Pearl Jam was great last month in Columbia, although I wish they could have played somewhere besides a basketball coliseum.... I'm still wondering why they chose to do a gig in Columbia, SC.

It's time to make a speaker decision, and I'm back, hoping for some more sound advice and keeping my fingers crossed that you speaker guys are as sweet as the good Dr. et al who lurk in the Source Component forum.

So, my first and utmost concern is sound quality and the ability to wake the neighbors - sweet and loud. So, should my first investment be for two floorspeakers, or for 5.1 surround? Truthfully, watching television, whether it be something on TV, or a DVD, is very much a secondary priority with me. Unless it's the occasional concert, my 19" LCD stays off for the most part, except I do kind of enjoy watching youtube when I hook my laptop up to it.

What do I need to look for when making my buying decision? Should the speakers be rated at a certain ?whatever, and should I sink my money into just two for now, or stretch the dollars out over 5 speakers instead? I'm going to have to limit my expenditure to probably about $600.00 right now, but being the penny squealer that I am, I will be certain to find an incredible deal (either that or raise my budget), so suggestions in the $800 to 1K range would be appreciated. Yes, I know, the speakers will make our break my dreams, but, when I go fantasy shopping and see the 12k/pair guys, I shutter when I think of one of my cats walking by and spraying on something that cost about the same as my last car! So, I just can't commit to purchasing something I have to be paranoid about...we're just too rough of a bunch around here!

What about Athena, or Fluance, Celestion, JBL, Polk...just to throw a few out at ya? Who am I overlooking? And where do I shop to get the biggest bang for the buck? And, what specifications should I be pursuing in case I need to remind the neighbors that rock and roll truly isn't noise polution?

You guys have been great, tolerating me up until now, and I really do appreciate your guidance. I look forward to your help in being the loudest and proudest soccer mom on the block.

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