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Exclamation Chinese Blu-ray players revealed at SinoCES

Chinese Blu-ray players revealed at SinoCES

From Engadget,

Well, would you look at that. Just months after we heard whispers that the Blu-ray Disc Association (BDA) would be granting a handful or two of China-based manufacturers with Blu-ray licenses comes a slew of brochure shots proving that said scenario has apparently gone down. Or either Desay, Hotwell, Hualu and VTREK have taken it upon themselves to conjure up BD decks and show 'em off at the SinoCES show floor without permission (but we're banking on the former). As expected, none of these look particularly awe-inspiring, but for those hoping to see vanilla players dip under the $200 (or lower) price point, this could be very, very good news.


At the Chinese International Consumer Electronics Show (SinoCES) last week, many Chinese manufacturers were on the show floor displaying their latest products for Blu-ray. Not surprisingly, the majority of the products shown were Blu-ray Disc players, no doubt trying to get a foothold in the exploding Blu-ray market.

A few of these manufacturers even had some brochures for their products, which can be seen below, along with some photos from the show floor.

Desay A&V Science and Technology Company had a brochure outlining their six - that's right, six - Blu-ray players. The BDP-8010, BDP-8020, ..., BDP-8060 all share the same characteristic of looking much like other manufacturers' players.

Hotwell was also present to show of their player, the BD-9288. Currently a BonusView player, they are working on the development of a BD-Live follow-up. They are also one of the Chinese manufacturers who state their compliance with anti-piracy measures like AACS and BD+, signaling that they are aware of the problem and are prepared to help fight it.

Hualu was also showing off a player, though the name will remain unknown (unless one of our readers can provide a brief translation). One thing that was made clear is that this player is either BD-Live, or will be at some point in the future.

And finally, we have VTREK which had two players on display, the BDP-880 and BDP-881. The only difference we can tell between the two, is that the 881 gets a nice chrome piece on the front.

Looks like there could be sub $200 standalones by Christmas.
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