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Default Re: The Bank Job, a "true story"?

It has a very intriguing story, though how much of it is "true" is not at all clear:

"My film, The Bank Job, is about a 1971 London bank heist. It tells the story of an attempt to recover compromising pictures of a member of the British Royal family from a safe deposit box in a Lloyd's bank on the corner of Baker Street and Marylebone Road in London. The reason this robbery has lived on in history is that the bank robbers were overheard by a ham radio operator as they communicated by walkie-talkie to their lookout on a nearby building. In making the film, I tried to get to the truth of what really happened with this robbery. The deeper I dug; the deeper I researched the subject, the more I was really unable to prove to myself conclusively what did happen. But what I did feel, and what I was able to commit to, as a filmmaker, was the spirit of the story; to portray as accurately as I could this particular theory of what had happened. Many details have been verified and others are impossible to prove or disprove. Some of the facts in the film have been changed in the interest of entertainment. True stories can never be true stories -- because you are always telling a story from a particular point of view. Journalists do this; photographers do this; documentary filmmakers do this, and we all do when we relay a memory from a unique point of view.

So, how much of a story is true? Well, it depends on who you ask...
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