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Default Re: Kaleidescape and Toshiba Claim 1080p Upscaling Players Rival Blu-ray

Originally Posted by Earl The Duke View Post
No matter what happens, I will support both Sony and Toshiba. Some forget that there are blue-collar folks with families that work for that paycheck at Toshiba to survive. To say, "I won't support Toshiba anymore" is just as childish. It is not those little people's fault. I will support both. I know that the big wheels are being a little immature with this, "I won't support Blu-Ray" bull, but I refuse to punish the working class there.
are you going to support the car company's in the usa because they are laying off ''little people'' and closing other small factory's that make their products.
are you going to support your company if they lay you off,after you have given them 100%,of your life.loyality has a forget this is corpate america.they buy factory's do little to improve working conditions,pay as little as they can,make their money and when the money runs out,they sell and bail out,and leave us high and dry.why should i support any of them.greed is what drives them,people have little value to them.did not toshbia bail out on hd dvd,didn't their marketing suck with hd dvd.blu-ray did what they had to do to win.
do you think when hd dvd lost... jobs were lost,blue collar workers,little people.!i support blu-ray not any company,because lay off's and jobs lost seem to becoming a part of sucks,and more are coming.
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