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Default Re: Kaleidescape and Toshiba Claim 1080p Upscaling Players Rival Blu-ray

Originally Posted by faberryman View Post
When did Toshiba say it would not be offering a Blu-ray player? I must have missed it.
they made that clear at the same time they dumped hd dvd.
i'm sure they have something on the drawing boards to make a blu-ray player,but they said they have no plans to jump in the bd game anytime soon,if ever.
dumb,if you ask me,and they should get rid of any people who was their during the war.
there seems to be some bitterness around blu-ray.if they are bitter,they should direct that bitterness at the studio's,not the this something to do with honer and pride.what ever reason its bad business,maybe some new blood should be running toshbia.
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