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Default Re: Why did Toshiba really drop the HD-DVD Ball?

Originally Posted by The Kipnis Studios View Post
Perhaps so. But certain BD titles take significantly longer to load in most players (particularly early ones) than any HD-DVD title ever pressed (so far).

Personally, my HD-DVD experience has been mostly flawless since it's release, and much closer to my DVD and CD experiences over the last few decades - smooth, quick, and reliable.

How many times have you put a BD in a player and had to wait more than 2 minutes to get passed the "Loading" dialog?
Do not get me wrong Jeremy, I firmly agree. After much dialogue with Jerry and kennyt, I decided on HD DVD as well, based on just what you said, the players just worked, most of the time, without drama. Even Andrew and kennyt were getting frustrated with BD`s slow loading times, and especially those firm ware updates!!

My statement was based on the fact that, now that the format war is finally over, lets improve, and get better with BD. There here, Toshiba is not.
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