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Originally Posted by kennyt View Post
You are probably right Jeremy, I hope HDMI stops evolving quickly and gets standardized faster! One thing that is missing from less than 1.3a however is the ability to do deep color, while not really an issue now, it can and likely will be in the future. Sure you could pass PCM to HDMI 1.1, but you can't do deep color when studios get their a$$e$ together and start to use it!
1.3 should be it. It pass deep color and is already good for all new codec DST-HD Master Audio and DD true HD so I think we should be good for the next five years or more

By the way even Sony 8K projector ($100,000) doesn't do deep color so I don't think we have to worry for at least five years or more.

As far as I am concern Blu Ray is good enough for me on a 2:35 10 feet wide screen for the next ten after that who knows may be holograms!!! using wireless.
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